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Custom Packaging

Bartling Brothers utilizes the ThermaShipper™ boxing system. ThermaShipper™ is an innovative, cost-effective solution that eliminates complications caused by dry ice.

MTI's patented ThermaShipper™ container provides a radiant barrier film that reflects 97% of all radiant heat, including direct sunlight.

How the ThermaShipper System Works

ThermaShipper packaging is designed to reduce heat transfer from conduction, convection, and radiation.

The radiant barrier film employed on the box reflects 97% of the infrared radiation that strikes it. With almost no infrared absorption, very little radiant heat is generated in the ThermaShipper box, even in direct sunlight. NASA uses the same type of material to protect people and equipment from radiation heat while in space.

To protect against conduction and convection heat transfer, the ThermaShipper box employs special insulating foam selected for its excellent thermodynamic properties and superior strength. This insulation combined with the unique design of the ThermaShipper box means the box has more than 10 times the insulating ability of a typical Styrofoam cooler. Heat transfer through the box is so low that it cannot be detected even with sophisticated infrared photography. The unique construction of the ThermaShipper box also provides an extraordinarily strong container to protect the payload inside.

How long does the ThermaShipper™ box keep product cold?

Results of tests performed by the Advanced Packaging Technology Laboratories, an independent certified laboratory, indicate that a ThermaShipper™ box maintains frozen or 0o temperatures for 135 hours and –20oC temperatures for 87 hours.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

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