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About Us
The three blond, look-alike romance cover models - the Bartling brothers Jim, Kurt and Kris - are also known as the most famous hog farmers in the world.

Fans cherish the Bartling posters and the numerous romance book covers showing them as Vikings, cowboys and medieval knights. The brothers were discovered by Kathryn Falk during a book tour in the midwest. When they accepted her invitation to the 1994 Nashville Booklovers' Convention, they made their memorable debut.

Who will ever forget photos of the three brothers outfitted in white togas, dancing the night away with ecstatic readers? They were spotted at the convention by "Hard Copy," "Extra," "CBS News" and even a German television company that sent them to Europe for a round of shows and appearances.

Unlike typical models, who spend hours in the health club pumping iron, the Bartlings need only to work out on the family spread to keep in shape. They rise with the sun, put in a daily 12-hour workout doing construction, supervising the feeding, checking water lines, and maintaining the corn fields.

When the Bartlings' great-grandfather immigrated to Nebraska from Germany in the late 1800s, he brought with him the knowledge which he had acquired from his father before him... how to raise prime hogs for good, wholesome eating. That tradition lives on and the Bartlings are still known today for their superior products.

The original farmstead was all of 160 acres, but a century later it has expanded to more than 1,000 acres. The enterprising third and fourth generations of Bartlings now raise nearly 18,000 pigs and several hundred head of cattle.

Bartling Brothers Farm has been in our family for three generations. Our grandfather, our father, and now we have come back to the farm to continue expanding the family farm.

Each generation has expanded the pork production part of the family business, and each generation has perfected it more and more. Today’s facilities for pork production are much more different than they were twenty five years ago. But, the type and quality of the pork raised hasn’t changed much at all.

We personally raise all the hogs produced on the Bartling Brothers Farm. They are handled by us, cared for by us and fed by us. Our hogs are fed an all natural diet of corn, soybean meal, vitamins and minerals. We pride ourselves on being able to raise all our hogs entirely steroid and hormone free.

Bartling Brothers Pork is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality, freshest, and best tasting pork that you will ever experience. All our pork is processed in Table Rock, NE, a small town processor who is USDA inspected and approved. This will assure the utmost quality and freshness of our product.

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